Woke up with the alarm…very excited .
After showering and dressing I realised I had set the alarm 3 hours early by mistake. After a mumbled “you idiot” from Linda .., went back to sleep and eventually awoke again at 4:30 am.
Collected Geoff and John as planned and drove to Stanstead – Richard , true to form greeted us with the traditional ‘ Buene Camino’ welcome.
I had to take my trusty camino walking Staff to outsized baggage. Thankfully it arrived in Bilbao with us ..so far so good.
After a rather unappetising ‘Pigs Snout’ Tapas ( see photo) and a celebratory first Pint …three buses later (cross legged on the first one – no where to Pee) we finally arrived at our starting point – – Estella, the end point we reached back in April.
… It was now getting dark!
The final leg of our first day, a ‘simple ‘ 5km walk was via the famous ‘Fuente to Vino’ ( A free pilgrims wine fountain – a right of passage for any self respecting pilgrim) this lead us to our resting place at 10pm.

Phew – made it!

Washed my socks ( its all about the deprivation you know) and went out like a light when my head hit the pillow.