We were on the road again today at 7:00am , headed for the ‘Cafe on the lake’ just 6 km outside Logrono…sadly the Cafe was closed so we cracked onto the next village.
Not really sure if the next Cafe owner appreciated Geoff cutting his toenails or Richard drying his clothes on the sun terrace … But we are Pilgrims after all so I guess they have seen it all before.

Daily washing of our socks and pants seems quite straightforward … drying however is a bit more of a challenge.
Draping laundry across the back of our rucksacks to dry during the day seems to be the preferred option. Lets be honest, not the ‘coolest’ look when you see how Richard does this (see photo) but Geoff has this off to a fine art as you would expect. John however is in a league of his own, he is now down to his last pair of undies… the rest dropped of somewhere en route. Buene Camino!

We met a rather interesting chap (a Merlin look a like-see photo) selling Fruit and Figs for a small donation , apparently he is a very well known Pilgrim who has walked the Camino many times with a donkey.
Further on we stumbled upon two chaps harvesting walnuts … One up a tree with a stick and the other on the ground collecting.
Oh yes, that reminds me…Walnuts, Richard has had a bit if a dicky tummy today – he thinks it was a bad walnut that he scrumped the day before – we think it is more likely to be the Rioja grape habit he has developed , we are surrounded by vines bursting with ripe fruit..Richard never could resist a freebie!
We arrived at Najerra and enjoyed the late after noon sun , feeling quite weary, but proud to have covered 31.5 km .