Today almost felt like a ‘rest day’ as we only had 13 miles to cover. Having said that , blisters are developing well now and becoming quite painful much of the time. I have been lucky enough to avoid them so far, the others are all suffering at varying degrees…but putting on a brave face.
We saw a guy today walking the Camino in bare feet and another chap running, so I guess it could be worse.
In the afternoon, Geoff was beside himself when he realised he had dropped his hat somewhere on the trail. An hour later we stopped for a rest and he noticed a German lady wearing one very similar… “excuse me” he said “I think that’s my hat you’re wearing”
With a smile and a wink she gave it back to him and carried on her way.
Stopping off at a small village for lunch we noticed what looked like Chickens Gizzards…not the most appetising Tapas, but one assumes a delicacy here for the locals.
We made good time and arrived early afternoon at Santo Domingo de Caldez, a 14th Century village which is famous for “The miracle of the Roasted Cock’
…a legend far to complex to fully comprehend, having just been woken by the local Cockerel at 5:00am this morning I am not sure we really care.