Todays route took us along side the busy N112 for much of the walk. It was an uneventful day ( no one lost anything en route) with quite a change of scenery from previous days.
We are now regularly bumping into friends we have made along the way which is brilliant.
As in our first leg back in April, we have been fortunate in meeting a really interesting mix of lovely characters…for example;
Terri – a very sprightly elderly lady from Seattle. John and his wife with his son James from Ireland. James and Liam, two young brothers from London. Witica from Finland who started her Camino in August and has walked over 1000km already. Mathew and Falam from Ireland and finally Gerrad the undercover priest from NZ who is bursting with energy and great fun – if he ever lost his way I feel sure he could earn a living as a stand up comic.
There had been full cloud cover for much of the day, but when arriving at Belorada we were rewarded with blue sky and full sunshine, a perfect back drop to enjoy Tortilla and Potatas Bravas washed down with cold beer …heaven!
After a delicious Pilgrims super we went to bed early, well before the 10pm Albergue (Pilgrims Hostel ) curfew.
As I began to drift off to sleep, I felt like a Nasa astronaut at take off; the bunk beds started to rattle and reverberate with a chorus of snoring on a scale no true Pilgrim deserves to experience.
As Geoff quite rightly says,”it’s all about the deprivation you know ”