It was just 5 degrees and quite chilly when set off from Belarado. Bumped into Craig, the Microsoft Exec from Australia who decided to stop work and start doing what he really wanted to do for a couple of years, but sadly walking slowly now as he has tendinitis in both legs…very painful.
Speaking of pain, John is leading the way on the blisters front – the sole of his left foot is now almost completely covered.
Some of the stories you hear from people you meet along the way are quite incredible ; we met a German couple from Bremen who have walked 2800km so far – they just sold up everything and went on the Camino… Haven’t stop walking for months!

Todays walk, about 15miles was not the longest day but one of the hardest, with 3 peaks to climb including ‘Mont Oca’ at 1050m.
Walking along tree lined paths, some way from civization for much of the day was wonderful… Some great views too.
Stopping at a small village for breakfast we met Ewan who had carved his Staff from a branch he found near Roncevalles in the Pyranees, it was a real work if art.
Our evening meal at a really authentic local tavern was served by Antonio and his wife ; two hilarious characters -this was one of our best evenings of the week.
With a little goading from the rest if us , Richard tried to negotiate the price of a bottle of Rioja. To say he failed is an understatement his “we are Pilgrims you know ” was met with a blank look by Antonio , who then simply snatched the bottle away, placed it back in the cooler … ignored us completely and carried on talking to his large group of local customers.