Our back packs arrived safely in Bilbao from Stanstead, but sadly my cherish Pilgrims Staff (that had travelled with me since the start of the Camino) did not.
The lost luggage lady in Bilbao was very pleasant, told us how beautiful Santiago was and that traditionally all ‘good pilgrims’ must burn their clothes at the end of the Camino in Finistere – all very interesting, but still no walking stick!
She generously offered me one of the lost luggage parasols…marvelous.

After an hour or so on the bus we arrived at Burgos at around 5:00pm and considered the week ahead.

We are close now to the start of the ‘Meseta’ , described by many pilgrims as the stretch of the Camino which represents the biggest mental challenge (plenty of time for contemplation)
Apparently, we can expect mile after mile of flat uninteresting landscape with few physical landmarks, making the daily march even more of a challenge for us…fantastic!