We started the day with delicious ‘Tostados’ washed down with strong coffee and were on the Camino proper by 8:15am.
After leaving the city suburbs we reached the edge of the Meseta in around 3 hours. It was greener than expected and very peaceful…no roads, trees or landmarks for mile upon mile. Silent, except for the sound of birdsong high above us.

We saw very few fellow pilgrims today, but those we did meet we’re as always very sociable and friendly, including Dave and Wil two very nice young lads from the USA and Theresa from Johannesburg.

With 20 Km under our belt we stopped for lunch at a small medieval village, population 100 with a church a bar not much else. As we stepped in the church we were amazed such a small village had such a large and ornate church.

We ate lunch on the church steps; bread , chorizo, strong cheese and anchovies… Yum.

We reached our final destination ‘Hontanas’ at around 5:30pm.

Our 5 euro a night Hostel ‘El Puntido’ provided a fabulous 3 course Pilgrims supper with bread and wine for 9 euros (£7)

32Km and 9 hours trekking, not bad for our first day.

Oh yes, good news via email – my walking staff has arrived at Bilbao airport!

Our quest for mayonnaise continues…

Richards summary – Albergue “El Puntido” Really nice place with good pilgrim’s dinner.