As we left Hontanas there was a heavy overnight dew, the warmth of the morning sunshine felt marvelous.

We passed through a beautiful valley walking upon an earthen path that was quite wet underfoot but a pleasant change to the normal Camino tracks.

At Arco San Anton we were so lucky to hear a cuckoo calling, the sound echoed across thc valley, this went on for a while. Feeling so ‘at one’ with nature I called back with my best Dr Doolittle “Cuckoo…….Cuckoo…..Cuckoo”noise – and it shut up instantly!

After a couple of hours we reached the foot of ‘Alto Mosteleras’ a 900m climb at a 12% gradient (I thought the Meseta was supposed to be flat!)

Having built up a bit if a sweat it felt worth it as the view from the top was quite spectacular…then the 18% gradient decent, very tough of on the knees I have to say.

I took short 360 degree video to demonstrate the isolated landscape (sadly not able to link this to the blog)

29 Km later we reached our final destination ‘Boadilla’ and sat down to our reward of cold beer in frosted glasses will delicious olives and Patatas Fitas.
Time to recover and deal with our newly formed blisters.

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