Much of our route today lead us along a really beautiful meandering river. Along the way we were blessed with a cornucopia of ornithological delights, most species we could not recognise , but some we could including; Yellow Finch, Green Wood Pecker and a few magnificent Storks with their nests balanced precariously overhead (great photo from Dr John)

We marched on today in our regular formation; Richard and I trailblazing with Dr John bringing up the rear…’shuffling’ along half a mile or so back ( he only has short legs so he tells us)
Some how Dr John missed a sign as we crossed a bridge so decided to make up his own ‘special’ camino detour.

A little worried he had fallen too far behind, Richard and I stopped to wait for him and made lunch at an ancient Hermitage; ‘Virgin del Rio’.

Meanwhile un be known to us, Dr John had another of his ‘Forest Gump’ moments, stormed across a plowed field, along the main highway towards the next village and planted himself comfortably at the nearest bar.

Richard and I arrived an hour later to discover Dr John sipping a cold pint with a very smug ‘What took you so long’ look on his faced.
His penance for such unpilgrim like behavior? That’s right , beers all round on him!

Another 6km later we soon arrived at our final destination ‘Carrion de los Condis’. I went ahead and booked myself in ‘Espiritu Santa’ …an old Nunnery.

Escorted to one of the 12 bed dorms by one of the Nuns, I was shocked and embarrassed to be confronted by the three (very friendly) rather elderly Spanish ladies we had met on the Camino the day before.

Shown to the bed next to them – I just wanted a hole in the ground to open up for me to jump in. They were winking , pointing and sniggering like school girls: I was the crazy Englishmen they caught yesterday , secretly taking photos of their washing drying on the line.
I soon found out that they only knew two English words “Hello Baby” … Now I am worried!

Lesson of the day ?

Don’t play school boy pranks when goaded by your fellow pilgrim mates…and if you do, steer clear of nunneries for a while!

Another 26km covered today… feet starting to hurt.

Richards SummaryStayed at Carrion de las Condes “Espiritu Santo” this is an old convent run by nuns. Nothing special but perfectly OK.