… a somewhat ‘interesting’ nights sleep…

Our fellow dorm mates; the “Spanish knicker ladies” as we now call them after the washing line incident, came to bed after us and instantly settled in to a pattern of rhythmic guttural snoring with the occasionally bout of flemy coughing thrown in for good measure…lovely!

We were on the road by 8:00am, stocked up with provisions ready for the day ahead which posed a new challenge for us; a totally unpopulated 17Km stretch of the Camino with no opportunity to refresh water supplies or buy food.

As in previous days we encountered just a handful of fellow pilgrims. We did however meet our first ‘Perpetual Pilgrim’ – a heavily bearded chap with a weathered complexion. He stopped us to explained how he has been walking the Camino for years surviving on the warm generosity of other pilgrims like us…so we gave him a tin of Johns Tuna.
Richard and I noticed an abandoned pilgrims trolley in a ditch – a few Minutes later Dr John appeared with it , rucksack tied on the back.

After covering another 26Km we reached our final destination early at around 4:30pm. Time for Dr John to soak his blistered and now quite swollen feet…very painfully indeed.

Richards summary –  Carrion de Los Condes to Terradillos – we stayed in a very modern place (on the left) before you get into town, roadside Albergue “Los Templaris” and met Cory and Hank for the first time.