After a good nights sleep and with the next village only 8Km away, we decided to miss breakfast and eat on route, feeling pretty pleased with ourselves to be up and out, ahead of Cory and Hank, the group of cyclists and even the speedy Gloria.

We made good time and after an hour or so the next village was in sight.

…the sun started to rise behind us, the warm sun on the back of my neck made me tingle…fabulous.

…then the penny dropped (warm sun on the back of my neck)

No Hat!!- I had left it on my bunk.

Funnily enough, half an hour later I bumped into Cory and Hank, then the cyclists, and then speedy Gloria coming towards me.

What an idiot.

I arrived back at the Albergue an hour or so later, the wonderful Antonio our host was at the doorway wearing a big smile – and my hat.

He kindly gave me a lift in his car, back to where I had left the Camino track two and a half hours earlier. Walking into the village, stomach rumbling I caught up with the Richard and others as they were finishing breakfast.

After breakfast we stocked up with provisions as the next stretch across the Meseta was 18km without any inhabitants or water.

This section of the Meseta was quite a trudge as their were very few landmarks.

Arriving at Rigeous. the next village we came across the famous Señor Sinin and the Elvis Bar which had put this village on the map, drawing curious pilgrims and a few celebrities from all around the world. (see photos)

Mad as a box of frogs, Senore Sinin is quite a character to say the least, dancing and singing along to Elvis tunes as he serves you.

Alex the Scott, a really super chap from Glasgow greeted us as we arrived at the municipal Albergue in the Mansilla . He was the first Brit we had met since leaving England.

We walked 25 km today…in hot sunshine again, quite tired now with our destination Leon just 1 days walk away.

Richards summary –   Bercianos to Mansilla de la Mulas and met the wonderful  host Glaswegian Alex at Albergue “Amigos de Peregrino” I liked it though the place is a bit tatty and the showers not the best.