With our end destination of Leon just half a days walk away, we were up and about bright and early.

Having been first to complete his ablutions, Richard advised us to use the WC facilities before other pilgrims were about. Designed for much shorter Spanish pilgrims, his knees touched the door so had to leave it open…nice!

Having walked about 1OKm we came to a small town with a well equipped hardware store. Dr John was in his element, pouring over the plethora of tools and equipment. A while later he emerged grinning like Cheshire cat clasping the latest addition to his (ever growing) Camino trekking kit; a set of forged box spanners.

Arriving in Leon early afternoon, we were pleased to discover that tonight was the start of the ‘Santa Semana’ (Holy week) festivities in the city.

Thousands of people filled the streets, including other pilgrims we had met during the week.

We have completed another 120 miles of the Camino de Santiago, in just 6.5 days. Time now to give our blistered feet a break I think…until next time.

Richards summaryAlbergue “Fademar” by Plaza San Francisco We picked this place because it doesn’t close until 11.00 (most are 10) so we got a better night out! A bit “municipal” but it met our needs.