Friday 10th October
Fly out from Stanstead and get back to Leon by bus or train.
Day 1 – Saturday 11th October
Leon to “Villar de Mazerife” – a gentle start at only 14miles.
Day 2 – Sunday 12th October
Destination “Astorga”…a longer day at 19.5miles with lunch half way at the beautiful village of “Hospital de Orbigo”
Day 3 – Monday 13th October
Today is the start of the big climb up to 1,155m to “Rabanal” – a 14.3 mile uphill trek today.
Day 4 – Tuesday 14th October
We head towards the mountain peak and the highest point of The Camino at “Cruz de Ferro” (Altitude 1,505m). Our final destination is a downhill and quite treacherous walk to “Molinaseca” . We will cover 16.4 very challenging miles today.
Day 5 – Wednesday 15th October
Our target is “Villafranca del Bierzo” after the previous day a ‘walk in the park’ at 19 miles
Day 6 – Thursday 14th October
“Ocebreioro” is out destination where the bus leaves at 18:20 for Leon. A very steep climb to conclude an18 mile walk today.
Friday 15th October
Catch the 09:00 bus from Leon to Oviedo then another 45 minute bus ride onto the airport (latest check in 14:20) Fly home …start planning our return – Camino V, this will be our final leg of the Camino and we will reach Santiago!