An hour before dawn we were all awake, and along with our fellow pilgrims in the cramped, bunk bedded accommodation…fumbling for our clothes as we got dressed. Rucksacks packed , we headed off to Astorga some 32km away – nostrils flaring and Ponchos flapping , we weren’t going to let a bit of Galician rain dampen our spirits.
Two hours later, completely wet through we arrived at a bar and graciously accepted their simple breakfast fare…. Hot milky Coffee and a sickly sweet cake.

Refreshed and back on the trail, I noticed my soaked trousers had changed from their usual Grey colour to dark Green … Well that’s what I first thought – then realised the dry part was also Green – “…MY camino trousers are Grey” I shouted.

Then, quick as a flash Richard said “You idiot Mark, you’ve put on someone else’s trousers !”

Feeling incredibly guilty for a moment I realised that in the rush to get going in the morning I had swiped some poor souls leg wear – Oh dear, they must be missing a crucial part of their camino clobber…

A moment later , glancing across to my Camino buddy all became clear:
“Hang on a minute Richard – YOU have got MY trousers on!”

After much raucous laughter and back slapping , we finally got going again and headed for the historic medieval village of Obrigo , it has the longest bridge of the camino with a total of 19 arches.
The bridge is famous for the story of ‘El Paso Honroso’ … a Knight in armour promised his lady he would protect her and guard the bridge , in 39 days he faced 166 opponents and defeated them all apparently…
Quite amazing when you come to think about it – the things we chaps are prepared to do for the one we love!