This granite way marker, at a non descript roundabout on the outskirts of Seville was exactly 1000km from our destination.

After about two hours we had navigated our way through the industrial suburbs and finally reached the more familiar  ‘Camino’ gravel paths.

With the sun gently warming the  back of our necks we knew we had a hot day ahead of us as the sun rose higher in the pale  blue sky.

Having passed the Monesteri de isador  and rested for a few minutes enabling Dr John do carry out some necassary ‘foot maintenance’ , we came to the small village of  Italica , birth place of the Emporer Hadrian the ancient ruins of which have been recently unearthed.

Arriving in Guillena, we skipped past the municipal Albergue and fell into” Albergue Luz del Camino”

This was more like it, cold showers and a sign saying “no paper allowed in the toilet” … Still not clear what we were expected to do!

We were welcomed by Yop, I great young guy from Holland and wrote our  Band of Brothers pilgrim message on the wall along side many others, then quite serindipitously Davin spotted a message written by ‘Aussie Jo’ back in 2013…amazing!

Bars and restaurants in the village remained closed as the ‘Feria’ had come to town. This turned out to be a truly outstanding evening , with Richard being invited by a rather attractive Middle aged lady to do some (rather akward) Flamenco  ‘ Dad dancing’ which culminated in huge cheers and Raucous laughter  from the locals.

A great time was had by all – we had experience the generosity of our  Spainish hosts in a truly authentic setting, the evening included a local guy on a donkey with his wife riding pillion being led through the bar to huge rounds of applause – all in all a rather unusual evening.

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