imageWaking up to drizzle was some what unexpected and also a little annoying as it meant most of our Camino clobber, carfully washed and left to dry over night was rather soggy. ‘Buen Camino!’

The route today took us through a section of the ‘Park Natural’ once again. Despite the wet weather our spirits were not dampened – we left the village early and the sensory experiences began as brushed past a Jasmin bush in full flower. Then past the local bull ring … which in such a small village we were surprised to see…. Then a barking dog and a huge Cactus dripping with prically pear fruit.

Navigating our way through the beautiful Spainish Oaks, we continued to stumble across quite friendly Black Pigs, sweetened for sure of acorns scattered on the ground.

We arrived at our local Albergue soaked through and after a quick shower went off on search of a bar.

After that the evening was all a bit of a blur , largely due to the chance meeting with Paul, Pauline, Martine (aka Peggy) and Carmel-Ann , the friendly Irish pilgrims we met the day before.

After a few beers and a few beers more followed by a misguided tour of the village we finally found somewhere to eat.

We must of had one to many many , as ( having dusted off his wallet ) even Richard treated us all to a round of Lemon Cellos shots and we some how found ourselves agreeing to ‘a race’ the next day with our new found Irish friends… Oh dear, it’s all going to all going to end in tears!