Our day began with Dr John announcing he would not be joining us on the final leg. Quite sensibly he decided that he was likely to do serious damage to his blistered foot by continuing.

Things got from bad to worse when, 20 minutes into the journey Davin suddenly realised he had left his hat in the bar we had breakfasted in so had to return to collect it .

Coming to a fork in the path (with some very confusing way markings) a group of local teenagers on a hike told us not to follow them …but to take the right fork.
Rather than taking advantage of their local knowledge we chose to ignore them completely, took the left fork and follow them at safe distance for about 3Km. As they stopped we finally caught up with them again.
After much pointing and drawing in the path with a twig they eventually convinced us to listen to them. We trudged back up the way we came for half an hour and took the other fork in the path …. Two minutes later we found a way marker and we back on track .

‘You cannot find the road , the road finds you…You cannot define the road, the road defines you’ (Anonymous)

Today’s route took us, for the first time onto the ‘Plata’ of this Vias de Le Plata Camino.

The desert like scenery was stunning, but with little or no shade for around 15 Km , quite exhausting.

Finally reaching an Oasis and outskirts of ‘Fuent de la Costas’ their was clearly a ripple of excitement within the local village …’The Famous (or should I say infamous) English Pilgrims have arrived’

In the 6 days of walking , much of it in 30 plus degrees of dry heat we had covered 127Km.

…our next Camino in 2016 would the final leg of ‘Route France’s’ where we reach our final destination – Santiago.