After 10 hours traveling in ‘Trains Planes and Automobiles’ we finally arrived safely at overnight lodgings just 5Km from O’ Cebreiro.

Hungry and thirsty, our first priority was to find a local bar.
We did’nt stop long at the first bar… to be honest it was not the best (a garage basically)
After a short walk we found a lovely bar with a log burner and a warm welcome. We quickly despatched two large plates of tasty tapas between us washed down with copious amounts of Mahou beer – followed by a Β three course course pilgrims supper (amazing value at just 10 euros)

Our stay in the village of Pedrafita (a small one horse town) was fairly un eventful other than the fact that our newest recruit Tom, Head of History at a local public school and clearly the most intelligent among us…left his Passport and Phone at the local bar … Brilliant !
Whilst Geoff, who first spilt a full glass of beer over Marks coat then saved face and demonstrated his ‘ security guru ‘ credentials by spotting Toms schoolboy error and recovered said items.

So all in all, a good first night with plenty of team bonding… All bodes well for the week ahead.