The weather in this mountainous part of Galicia was once again true to form -exactly as predicted…completely unpredictable.

Our second day started with beautiful blue sky and sunshine. This changed as our climb ascended towards the exposed ridge , where we were greeted with high winds horizontal rain and hail.

Thankfully were all suitably togged up against the elements. Richard and John tied first place in the silly hat competition; Dr John making a bold fashion statement with a warm and woolly canary yellow number and Richard sporting a (3 sizes too small) ladies ‘Tilley’ hat positioned at suitably ‘rakish’ angle to show off his chiselled features… Well that’s what he said anyway – look at the photo and you decide.

Having breakfasted on plates of Toast and, Tomatoes; Geoff, Richard and Davin very quickly stormed ahead towards our destination Sarria, fighting their way through the elements they did not stop for lunch so made good time and arrived at Sarria early afternoon. In fact Davin, was walking at such a record pace he may even have arrived yesterday.

No lunch stop either for Dr John, with no sign of blisters (yet) but sporting a nicely swollen knee even that couldn’t stop him streaking ahead of Mark and Tom today.

We all finally regrouped at Albergue Aquida in Sarria. Showered and changed we found a super local Italian restaurant which turned out to be ranked number one on trip advisor. The food was excellent and the atmosphere warm and friendly, where we were served by a rather cocky but comedic waiter who looked just like Jack Sparrow.

Geoff was fully chilled out by now and on a roll, having downed two small beers in succession  he ordered lemoncello’s all round.

We were joined in our Albergue by Niall from Limerick in Ireland, a really nice guy who generously smiled at our rather  poor and in uninvited attempts to compose Limerick’s whilst forcing him to have a final night cap with us. Sensibly , we all soon turned in and went to sleep – the air was quickly filled with the familiar  grunts snuffles and snorts as we all nodded off once again.