Within a few minutes of leaving the town; Geoff, Richard and Davin were walking way ahead … A familiar pattern now with Tom, John and myself at a more relaxed pace bringing up the rear.

Much of today’s route followed the main N547 road, a second day of mostly dry weather with just one short shower where we needed to don our Ponchos.

The Camino has become noticeably busier since Sarria, as tourists (many of them Spanish) join to complete just the final 100Km.

I ‘tail gated’ two such tourists (American women in this case ) for half an hour or so , just a few yards behind as our walking pace was similar. When I finally passed them I heard one of them say “thank goodness for that, I can go for a pee anytime I want now” her face was a real picture when I turned around and smiled…

It’s day 4 now and unusually blisters have not had a mention. Dr Johns ‘1000 mile socks’ are performing well with no real blisters to speak of and the rest of us are mostly blister free. Having said that, the subject of ‘chaffing’ is developing as a common concern. One of us of who will remain nameless (WHOCSOC) even experimented with strips of gaffer tape carefully applied around his nether regions.
He soon discovered that the benefit gained in chaffing prevention was quickly outweighed by the pain during its removal; probably best described as a low cost Pilgrims ‘Back, Sack and Crack’.
We all agree now that in these situations, Vaseline is still our best friend.

Past the half way mark now with less than 70Km to go, new groups of well wishers are starting to appear along the way. One such group were giving out free coffee, water and hugs …. Yes hugs! They generously invited us to stay with them overnight for food, fellowship and songs …we politely declined.

Before lights out in our Albergue we had our own sing along to a few 7O’s classics. This culminated in Davins heart warming rendition of ‘Whiter shade of pale’ by Procol Harum. This was rudely interrupted by fellow pilgrims banging on wall next door … Time for bed now, we all have another long day ahead of us.