Ribadiso to Pedrodouzo

Our Penultimate day began like any other; awake by 7:00 , breakfast at 8:00 and walking by 9:00.
The simplicity and daily rhythm of the Camino allows time to relax, unwind and reflect on life’s journey, the direction we are headed and what is really important to each of us.

…a good time perhaps to mention some familiar and important ‘Symbols of our Camino’

THE YELLOW ARROWS : have guided our journey, when we see these arrows we know we are on the right path.

OUR RUCKSACK: we only carry what we need to, we all have excess baggage to discard.

THE SCALLOP SHELL: multiple grooves on the shell lead to a single point and represent pilgrims and friends, following the same path towards Santiago.

THE BOX SPANNER:… Not sure really, but Dr. John likes carrying them so thats all that matters.

And finally…

EAR PLUGS: an essential item when sleeping within 100m of Davin…

Some see the Camino as an opportunity for a new beginning, we met one such person today – Michael of http://www.tabernavella.com who, along with proprietor Vanessa bought a dilapidated barn / pile of rocks on the Camino. They have ambitious plans to restore it – starting with a new roof!

Today’s gently undulating route ended as usual with a few beers, witty banter and a Pilgrims menu del dai which included delicious Pulpo (Octopus) the local delicacy.

All In bed by 9:30…asleep by 10:00

…tomorrow we reach Santiago, the Final resting place of St James, but for some the point  where really  life begins.