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So excited that we, the Band of Brothers – Davin, Richard, Dr John and Mark embark on the second leg of this 1000 Km Pilgrimage from Seville to Santiago de Compostella next week. Geoff and Tom will be sadly missed, but with us in spirit.

We left Fuente de Cantos on 19th September 2015, knowing that we would return a year or so later to pick up the trail.

With the Camino Frances under our belt now having completed this in April this year,here is the plan for the week:

We arrive Tuesday 18th October in the evening. It will be 20.30 before we get to Seville centre and make our way to Hotel Simon.

DAY 1 Wednesday

We need to bus to Fuente de Cantos at 07:00 – the trip takes to Fuente de Cantos will 1.5 hours. We then will walk 26Km o Zafra (quite a big town for that part of the world)

DAY 2 Thursday

Zafra to Villafranca de los Barros  20.5km

DAY 3 Friday

Villafranca to Almendralejo 17.5km

DAY 4 Saturday

Almendralejo to Merida  26.5km  This is a city so perfect for Saturday night out!

DAY 5 Sunday

 Merida to Aljucen is 17km. We can’t go further than Aljucen today unless we go another 21.5km which I’m thinking is too far if we have had a good Saturday night in Merida!

DAY 6 Monday

 Aljucen to Alcuescar is 21.5km then we have to start thinking about returning to Seville as we have to be at the airport about 3pm on Tuesday.

Total distance will be 129Km (we covered 132 Km last September)