Stepping off the plane having landed in Seville a few minutes ahead of our schedule we were greeted by a warm 30 degree Andalusian breeze – It was good to be back on Spanish soil.

The smells and sounds of Seville central beckoned, our planned 05:30 am start in the morning would not stop us from visiting El Patio; our favourite tapas bar.

Quickly served with a plate of fresh prawns , local Jambon and a cheese roll, Dr John (never wanting to miss an opportunity to tidy up ) bent down to pick up a dropped serviette and promptly threw said tucker on the floor. Whilst it did attract a few dodgy sideways looks from the locals , It was no big drama – the floor was fairly clean, the ‘3 second rule’ applied so the food was promptly swept back onto the plate… yum !

Finally arriving at Hotel Simon at around midnight feeling a little weary, we discovered that Richard had once again booked double rather than twin beds. Apparently this was a ‘mistake’… (What again?)