Newly formed Band of Brothers 2017 – including Richard, Davin (injuries permitting) Dr John, Tony (our newbie brother) and myself,  leave England and fly off to Spain on Friday 31st March.

Last time Tony and I went away together (Skiing) he broke his shoulder…I have promised Sue his wife I will bring him back in one piece this time (Famous last words!) thankfully I don’t think Sue read about our antics back in October ( Roman Dutch Courage in Aljucen )

As you might expect, we are all very much looking forward to continuing our second pilgrimage to Santiago, enjoying simple food and shelter, the glorious Spanish sunshine …and an occasional Ceveza now and again.

Here is a rough itinerary for the week:

Friday 31st March – We fly to Seville and stay over night. This section of the Camino de Santiago on the Via de la Plata started in the city of Mérida back in October, with its rich Roman heritage and sites.

We travel North through slightly hilly areas and a dry landscape, we are told many parts of the route has more ‘cerdos ibéricos’ (dark brown pigs native to the region) than residents.

Fabulous – I  cant wait!

Saturday 1st April – Bus from Seville to Merida then taxi to the small town of Alcuesar then walk to Aldea del Cano (17Km)

Sunday 2nd April – Caceres then on to Casar de Caceres (34Km)

Monday 3rd April – Canaveral (34Km) apparently there is a ‘special’ bar in this town.(If Davin’s injuries are too painful he may stay here for the rest of the week for daily massages)

Tuesday 4th April – Galisteo (28Km)

Wednesday 5th April – Olivia de Planencia (29km) we need to go 6Km off the main track to find  a bed for the night…must remember to mention this to Dr John!

Thursday 6th April – Aldenueves del Camino (25Km)

Friday 7th April – Calzada de Bejar ( 21km ) or onto Valverdre de la Caso (+9Km) if we are in good shape. Then taxi to Salamanca.

Saturday 8th April – train to Madrid…big last night out !

Sunday 9th April – fly home