Our arrival in Seville was marked by the obligatory first night ‘Lagerama’ and a visit to our favorite Tapas bar; El Pateo.

With just a few hours sleep , our early morning start came around all too soon.

All feeling rather fragile and sporting our newly acquired, self inflicted thick heads …We made our way to the bus station    ( via Dr Johns favorite hardware shop to purchase a 27mm box spanner) and then waited for the number 23 bus to Merida.

With no sign of said bus and only a couple of minutes before it was due to leave , our newbie Pilgrim and bright spark Tony, read his bus ticket more carefully and cleverly spotted the fact that we should in fact be on bus number 61 – as 23 was the seat number NOT the bus number. Then frantically running around the station , disaster averted a few seconds later we just made it, found bus 61 and were on our way.

So we left the sights and sounds of Seville, bussed back to the Romanesque town of Merida then taxied to Alcuesar, the point at which we left the Camino in October 2016.

Finally back on the Camino proper , we were rewarded with a fabulous vista of Olive groves on a fresh spring carpet of wild flowers…emerging through the soil after last weeks damp spell across the region of Extrameruda.

With pathfinders Davin and Tony walking on point and Richard , Mark and Dr John not far behind we arrived in Aldea del Cano after about 3 hours.

Our new Pilgrim friend Henk from Holland ( a Zealander’ to be precise ) kindly showed us to the Albergue and then joined us for a Pilgrim supper at the local restaurant.

So all in all an excellent first days trekking, no injuries so far ..just a near miss with Mark falling over the night before ( must have been a dodgy step ) than Dr John falling asleep in his Russian salad 🙂