We began today’s trek with some trepidation. Our destination, some 35Km being the furthest we would walk in a singe day.

Passing through a small airfield, we were treated to a noisy acrobatic display of jet aircraft. These models were so life like that even the keenest plane spotting gurus amongst believed they were real.

After around 5 hours, four of us stopped for lunch in Caceres old town by the cathedral…well known locally for its large population of friendly Storks.

These magnificent creatures , nesting precariously on tall roof tops and telegraph poles, would occasionally take flight and sour majestically high above our heads.

Quite remarkably , a young fledgling with its downy feathers not quite fully formed, landed on Marks rucksack and proceeded to build a small nest (see photo)

Unable to shake off the little fella, Sheila the Stork and Mark quickly bonded and completed the rest of the days trek together.

So other than the stork incident…and oh yes…Davin almost losing his passport , a fairly uneventful day.

The first of us reached our destination after about 8 hours, with Dr John feeling a little weary some 3 hours later.

The 35Km walk had certainly taken its toll on most of us today – very sore muscles, numerous blisters and all manner of chaffing issues that would bring tears to your eyes.

So off now to apply copious amounts of Vaseline and prepare for another long day tomorrow.