Our penultimate day was for once quite uneventfull and felt very relaxing compared to most.
The shorter trek at just 20Km was kinder on our feet and lead us through a beautiful natural park, its narrow meandering pathway weaving its way between Oaks and lush grass flanked with dry stone walls and the occasional massive natural rock peppered with coloured moss.

Arriving at Oliva de Pasencia early afternoon allowed us time to support the local economy by sampling some tasty tapas washed down with a few cold beers in this ‘One horse / One Bar town’

Today meeting other pilgrims was a rare treat. Tom from Ireland , Peter from Holland, Isabelle from Germany and Antonio from Spain all stayed in with us in our rustic but very well equipped Albergue.

Tom was a fascinating and very friendly character – he has walked dozens of Camino’s covering over 10,000Km, recommending the ‘Primotivo’ section from St Sebastian via Bilbao as one of his favourites.

We cooked for ourselves once again, although with so little produce stocked in the local micro shop our menu options were limited….with¬†Richards culinary supervision we all mucked in and somehow rustled up a rather delicious feast of meatballs with Pasta, Patatas Bravas , Chorizo and Saag Aloo.

Early to bed once again …our last day walking lies ahead of us.