Our day began with an amazing breakfast spread of eggs bacon and fresh pastries heavily dusted in icing sugar. This Gastro Hotel was a real find by Richard, who had cleverly used his mastery of the Spanish language to negotiate our 17 euros a night bed and breakfast rate.
When we checked out I think it is probably and understatement to say we were a little shocked to be confronted with our 70 euro bills. Note so self – must invest in more Spanish lessons.

The forecasted rain had not amounted to much, Ponchos being deployed a couple of times but very quickly packed away as the clouds began to clear.

The start of our 30Km trail meandered through woodland pathways flanked with trees dressed in Lichen and boulders covered in a layers of soft velvety moss.

Davin , Richard and Dan were storming ahead with Tony close by and Mark and John some way behind.

The advanced party found s Casa Rural in the next hamlet and ordered coffee. Meanwhile Tony had lost sight of them as he packed away his poncho. No problem though for this canny Yorkshireman – he very soon spotted the bar and swiftly booted in the sticky front door . Bright as a button , the penny soon dropped for Tony when he clocked the elderly gentlemen ‘like a rabbit in the headlights’ laid out on his sofa in nothing but his underpants.

All of us apart from Dr John arrived at the Albergue by 3:30pm feeling quite tired having covered a grueling 30Km in total . True to form, John chose his own ‘alternative’ route which added an extra 9Km. Despite his late arrival at 7:30pm we all ate together, joined by our new found Pilgrim friends – Claudia from Austria and Thomas from Sweden.
A superb night was had by all ,with the sensible members of our group (just Mark on this occasion) retiring to bed early ahead of another 30Km days walk tomorrow.