Despite being an experienced walker and having conquered Kilimanjaro, sadly our newest (and youngest) recruit Dan had to stop today – his aching legs and blistered feet getting the better of him. Still feeling positive however , he said he now has extra time to do some sightseeing and still join us back in Madrid on Saturday for a farewell Lagarama.

Todays the 16Km stretch was mainly on the road with the off-road sections being extremely wet and muddy.

Mark , literally soaked through to the skin. Arriving in Calzada de Valdunciel sopping wet, including his underpants, with Poncho seams flapping in the wind like Octopus tendrils – time to invest in new wet weather gear perhaps.

The Casa Rural “El Pozo” was a welcome sight with hot showers, comfortable rooms and a well appointed bar/restaurant.

The helpful waitress tried to explain our menu choices. Pursing her lips and pointing at her mouth “Picante’ Picante” we all jumped at the chance to order something hot and spicy.
We found the texture of the meat rather slimy, even our currymyster Richard left most of his. After a second conversation with the waitress and a bit of googling we deduced it was from a cow and either cheek or lips or both – Yuk.