The weather could not have been more different today, still very cold at just 3 or 4 degrees , but with blue sky and sunshine most of us enjoyed the 22 Km walk to Cabo de Vino.

Paths were generally much drier today , although we still had to make the odd deviation to by pass flooded streams.
The unusually inclement weather this week has been headline news on Spanish TV.

Tony and Davin steamed ahead today, with Richard Mark and John not far behind but walking solo.

Those of us who ate the Paella in Salamanca 2 days ago are living to regret it .Tony’s seems to be over his Dickie tummy, but poor Richard had a tougher day and did well to make it, with the odd urgent detour to nearby bushes en route.

Just four of us at dinner again tonight with Richard resting up in bed. The delicious Pilgrims menu included Russian salad, Steak and fried fish.

A shorter distance to cover tomorrow so early to bed. Despite our collective ailments we are all in good spirits and pleased to have reached the half way point of our 1000Km trek across the Via de la Plata.