Our breakfast of Tomato Tostadas, Orange juIce and Coffee set us up for what was going to be  a quite eventful day.

Blue sky and  sunshine along with a gentle breeze created the perfect conditions for walking the Camino – we all agreed it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Mark patted his pockets making final pre walk checks, then followed those worrying three words “where’s my wallet”?

Disaster averted , he went back to the Albergue and recovered said item from under his pillow where it had been safely stashed the night before….how lucky was that!

On our way now the route took us once again through some truly beautiful Spanish scenery. Rolling hills of  freshly ploughed red soil with the back drop of powder blue sky’s made every step of today’s trek a delight …well almost!

Having walked together for much of the day, the four of us gradually spread out and walked alone for the last few Kilometres. 

Ahead of the others by  some distance for a change, Mark was first to reach the crest of the final hill , our destination appeared like an oasis from nowwhere   – you could almost taste that first cold beer slipping down.

A final check on the phone and there were 5 missed calls from Richard…oh dear , what’s up with Dickie? A quick call soon solved that one …nothing serious – just another  lost wallet and yes his Passport was gone too – must have dropped it on the trail somewhere.

Retracing his steps Richard began  walking the Camino in reverse (for the first time ever) in search of his wallet , Mark (the Sheperd of the group) also walking back now an hour or so behind him – no cold  beer for him any time soon.

A quick google whilst walking produced some helpful information explaining how best to replace a lost or stolen Passport – Reporting it to the local Police being the first important step …bit of a challenge really when you are in the middle of nowhere.

An hour or so later after much worrying and searching came those welcome words from Richard – “I’ve found it” …in a ditch on the side of the trail where he had unzipped his trouser legs earlier in the day – what a lucky Pilgrim.

Arriving back feeling rather exhausted after walking an unexpected extra 10Km , Mark and Richard were met by Davin on the edge of town who guided them to the Albergue.

After a quick shower we met Tony and John in the bar who by that time were both  a bit giggly and had managed to build up a rather hefty bar tab waiting for us.

Our eventful day culminated in a delicious Pilgrims super once again , yes you’ve guessed it …a bowl of Lentils, Pork and Chicken followed by Flan…