Another day of wall to wall sunshine as we  trekked 25Km to the town of Tabara.

The Camino trail took us along a physically demanding riverside section which included a significant amount of rock scrambling. Our efforts were rewarded with spectacular views. Sunlight glinting across the water, flanked by rugged granite cliffs. Dr John back with us today and in good shape, choosing to take his favoured roadside route which avoided the need for crampons.

Mark arrived first at the town of Tabara and made his way to the Municipal Albergue up a hill on the far side of town , only to find it was full. So back down he went to the centre of town to find the others relaxing in the sunshine already half way through their first beer having already staked out the nearby private Albergue. 

 The town of Tábara is a municipality located in the province of Zamora, Castile and León, Spain. It has a population of around 1000 inhabitants.

Our Albergue ‘El Robel’ cost us 16 euros which included a three course Pilgrims dinner. 

Cloths washing facilities at this privately owned  Albegue  were not obviously accessible. After much searching high and low, Mark dragged the busy owner away from her chores  back to the accommodation only to have the large ‘Laundry’ sign pointed out to him on the adjoining door – much eye rolling and muttering followed…’stupid Englishman’ no doubt.

Translation of the dinner Menu proved difficult, the waitress miming a wild animal with horns – some of us who will remain  nameless convinced she meant Goat meat and missed out on a delicious bowl of Venison stew. Also on the menu  was Paella “freshly cooked this morning” according to the waitress – unbelievably Richard and Davin both ordered this for their first course despite last years salmonella episode.

We were joined at dinner by a group of  lovely fellow Pilgrims we met on the way which included Hermut , a German who generously shared access to his beautiful  photos. Monique from Quebec and a very friendly Dutch couple.

Tomorrow the options for accommodation appear to be  very limited. With lots of fellow Pilgrims all aiming for the same 12 bedded Albergue at 25Km or another 6 beds at 35Km.

At the end of the day we may well be completely exhausted and  sleeping under the stars – who knows. Either way we all agreed to just let serendipty prevail and  see what happens.