2538E6E0-5DC0-4F14-A4AF-81D88E6D6174It will take more than a world wide pandemic to stop the Band of Brothers completing the penultimate week of the Via de la Plata Camino .

We begin again on 30th April , at a time by  my reckoning  when Corona will be peaking in the UK and walking the Camino could  be the best way to comply with any government imposed ‘social distancing’ policies.

here  is our plan – please do follow our daily blog.

2020 PLAN

Arrive at Lubian 10:30

Day 1 A Gudina 24 Km

Day 2 Campobeverros 20 Km

Day 3 Vilar de Barrio 34 Km

(Promises local fine dining from a bygone age so our long day should be rewarded)

Day 4 Ourense 37 Km

Day 5 Cea 20 Km

Day 6 Castro Dozon 24 Km

Day 7 Silleda 28 Km