So excited to be back on the Via de la Plata in a few weeks. Here is our 10 day walking plan for reaching Santiago:

(Lubian) Fellow Pilgrims Richard, Mark, John, Davin and Tony met up…we are on our way !

2nd May – Gudina 24Km

3rd May – Campobeverros 20 Km

4th May – Vilar de Barrio 34 Km

(Promises local fine dining from a bygone age so our long day should be rewarded)

5th May – xunqueira de ambia 14Km

6th May – Ourense 23 Km

7th May – Oseira 30 Km

8th May – A Laxe 29 Km

9th May – Leiran 22 Km

10th May – Outairo 12 Km

11th May – Santiago de Compestella 17Km

225 Km or 140 miles in total.