Our morning began with the familiar sound of Dr John securing his feet with protective gaffer tape – little did he know what this day had in store for him .

After the obligatory 2022 Band of Brothers team photo, we set of towards Campobecerros   around  20 Km away .

Mark, Richard, Tony and Davin arrived about 4.5 hours later – but then Mark had a worrying call from John (an hour behind us) who had become quite unwell on route.

After 9 years of walking the Camino covering well over 1000 miles of trekking we had our first emergency…today our Camino buddy John was in trouble and needed an ambulance.

Mark ran back the 4Km to find John with Tony close behind carrying water. Spanish speakers Richard and Davin tried to find a local taxi and arranged for the ambulance to collect John.

To cut a long story short , John is currently in hospital having tests, nothing life threatening but quite worrying for us all as you might imagine.

Whilst John is in hospital , Mark is staying in a Hotel  nearby in Verin – the current plan is to get John on a plane back to England in 5 or 6 days .

Mean while , the remaining three Band of brother Pilgrims Richard , Tony and Davin will continue their trek to Santiago.

Hopefully Pilgrim Richard will pick up the baton and write a short blog for the next 9 days whilst Mark stays with John.

(Update – 04.05.22 John is out of hospital now and hopes to be home in a few days)