Apart from two friendly British cycling pilgrims upstairs, we were the only pilgrims in the scallop grotto albergue. As a result we weren’t disturbed by the “bag rustlers” who normally wake you at 6.30 and overslept waking at 7.30. 
This would never have happened with Mark in charge!
We were on the road in record time at 7.55 and passed the younger guy from the bar who we later found out from the cyclists was on his way to make us coffee! 

Another beautifully sunny day with a chilly start, we soon began shedding layers. Today’s walk was quite different to yesterday’s being far flatter, and through lovely woodland paths with our by now familiar cuckoo serenade.
Breakfast was in a small town about 90 minutes into our walk. Richard enquired in his best Spanish “ tiene tostada con tomate?”  Met by a blank stare he repeated his question and the waitress said “ aah Sí, tostada con tomate” so we sat in the sunshine and waited. Minutes later she produced a plate with four pieces of toast ( there are three of us!) butter and strawberry jam! We didn’t have the energy to argue! 

The walk continued nonstop for the rest of the day at one point along a perfectly straight track that went on, seemingly forever. Arriving in Xunqueira we passed the albergue about half a mile out of town and decided we would rather stay in town even if it meant “splashing out” on a more expensive Hostal. 

We checked into Albergue Tomas in the main square of this very pleasant town and enjoyed lunch in the sunshine before showering and doing laundry.

Importantly we have been in touch with John and Mark throughout the day and John is recovering well and booked on a homeward flight on Friday. Mark and he seem to be enjoying life as “simple tourists” in Verin.

We spent a pleasant evening sipping beer and cider in the evening sun  outside our hostal/bar and were joined by Joaquin a German pilgrim who agreed to eat with us at 8. However he got a better offer when a bunch of German and Swiss arrived! 
Standard pilgrim fare for dinner and  poor Tony gave in when they got his order wrong for the second time – it really is remarkable how indifferent most of the Spanish are to providing service and hospitality.