The cold  and misty start to our day felt quite eerie, our  muffled footsteps led us on the Camino trail out of the small village over the main road and back onto the wooded paths once more.

This , our penultimate day on the Camino was another short day , much appreciate as weary legs were quite evident having walked day after day for over a week now. Our pace had slowed – even Tony the Whippet dropped back for a while today .

We stopped 2Km short of our planned destination, the newly built Albergue was a real Gem…probably the best so far.

With beds carefully allocated to us by our welcoming  host, Richard decided he would prefer a window view and completely ignored these instructions, later he was gently reminded  by the owner that this was not Pilgrim like behaviour ….the rest of us nodded sagely as we had become used to this by now of course.

Dinner in the local restaurant was quite good, although the Pulpo was a little chewy and Mark left his rice (who needs rice with sausage egg and chips ?)

After over 40 days of walking, tomorrow we arrive in Santiago.