With no opportunity to find shade , food or water on today’s 28Km stretch, we had to be well prepared .

Mark made tasty Manchego cheese, Tomato and Chilli  baguettes for everyone. Richard was not on one of his strict calorie counting ‘Fasting days ‘ so compensated for this by smuggling an extra large portion of leftover Spanish Chicken into his rucksack.

Cutting through never ending rows of Vineyards and Olive groves on a dusty old Roman road , this section of the Via de la Plata was largely deserted – a most enjoyable and rejuvenating experience for those of us who value a little solitude and time for quiet contemplation.

The Albergue in Torremejia recommended to us by Aussie Jo was a delight and a bargain at 22 euros for dinner bed and breakfast.

With heavy rain forecast tomorrow it will no doubt be a very different day with
‘Ponchos at dawn’ as we make our way to the town of Merida.