At breakfast we reflected on the remarkable generosity of Henk the previous evening. Despite having known us all just 2 days, he quietly settled the bill for dinner, commenting as he left that it was his birthday….a true gentleman.

The path out of Canaveral lead us to a steep shale incline. Tony tackled this with no fear, appreciating the cushioning effect of his freshly bandaged feet.

Davin and Richard were soon way ahead and out of sight, wending our way through a cool wooded section, patches of lush grass highlighted with dappled sunlight.

After 20Km we reached Rialobos, a small but very well appointed village with a nice little bar ‘La Pista’ …and with Davin and Richard arriving 2 hours earlier I think it’s fair to say they were!

Our Albergue for the night was a real find. The very tasty pilgrims menu served by a most welcoming and gregarious hospitalairo.

So all in all it was a very enjoyable evening, until that is Richard received a worrying text from the back home and shouted out “Oh no I’ve got Weevils”

With Richard being Richard we all sympathise with Jan, his very lovely other half – but this may be the final straw.

As it turns out the Weevil infestation was in fact found in his treasured greenhouse.
Quick witted as ever, Davin asked if one of the Weevils was a little smaller than the others – if so it was probably “the lesser of two Weevils”….(Groan)

The evening culminated with our wonderful host cracking open a bottle of Limoncello, joining us for a final Camino toast before we all turned in.