The 05:30 am alarm call enabling us to catch our 07:00 bus arrived much too soon, we fell into the taxi and made our way to the bus station nearby – only to discover our bus did not leave until 09:00. Pilgrim Richard has now lost his position as Chief bus planner – Pilgrim Davin is duly appointed to fulfil this important task in future.

Oh well never mind, plenty of time for breakfast now; a plate of Tostados washed down with a glass of Cafe con Leche (Why do the lovely Spanish have to put hot Coffee in a glass ?)

Finally arriving at Fuente de Cantos at 10:30, we were pleased to be back on the Camino trail that we had departed from some 6 months ago.

Davin , as always was the first to spot the yellow arrow way markers – we were now on our way.

It was a generally uneventful day, meeting very few locals on the trail, just a couple of dead snakes a man walking four grey hounds and a small pony tied to a steel bath.

The main hazard encountered (other than the severe 30 degree heat) was random fires every few kilometres. Burning almost everything in site , the Spanish farmers seem to take stuble burning to another level. At one point, trapped on three sides , we had to launch ourselves across a smouldering ditch to safety.

Richard was in pieces, his freshly laundered Camino shorts were now ruined having fought his way through the charcoaled debris.

Looking further up the smouldering path we saw a small figure in the distance sporting a bright red baseball cap waving frantically. As we got closer we found a wrinkly old man…skin like leather , watery eyes and a friendly smile.

After much gesticulating and pointing at cameras, our expert translator Richard finally realised that all he wanted was his photo taken, so we obviously obliged.

Having covered 26Km on our first day , we were all exhausted – the town of Zafra was was a very welcome site.

We very soon found the Municipal Albergue, a bargain at 12 euros a night.

Time now to rest as we are up again at the crack of dawn.