Today marked the half way point as we reached the medieval town of Sahagun (16 days walking in total since April 2013)

The temperature was around 25 degrees today which made walking for 9 hours quite a challenge.
We are all starting to become quite attached to Dr Johns new Camino ‘wheels’ …found in the ditch the day before – ‘a gift from God’ so to speak. Loaded with his (much too heavy) rucksack, this takes the weight off Johns very painful, very badly blistered foot and he can still walk with us – what a hero!
Richard, very enthusiastically insisted taking charge of the trolley for the last 10km stretch. We left Dr John limping along at a steady and somewhat ‘snail like’ pace behind us. Three hours later we all met up again…a very thirsty looking Dr John thanked us and graciously asked if next time we scoot off with his trolley…we could leave him some water (and painkillers) ..Ooops!

Final arriving at our destination, we bumped into Cory and Hank, two super guys from the US we had shared a room with the day before, Richard jokingly asked Cory which Albergue he was staying on so that we could avoid his ‘Olympic’ standard snoring.

The day ended with a fantastic Pilgrim supper , prepared by our fellow Pilgrims…18 of us all together, German,Swiss, Spanish, American and us three Brits – joined by Antonio our lead host. We were very fortunate Jolanda from Switzerland (amazingly she can speak 5 languages) and Gloria from Spain to translate for us.
The evening concluded with a prayer from our host Antonio and a very moving acapello rendition of ‘Ava Marie’ that I will never forget.

25km in total today…

Richards summary –  Terradillos to Bercianos del Camino where we stayed in the wonderful, ancient Albergue “Parochial” with Antonio…  A must stay!