Today’s 27Km trek crossed 6 rivers, culminating in a couple of challenging
up hill climbs. The previous nights rain left some of the tree lined paths quite muddy and completely flooded for some stretches.

With Santiago de Compostela just two days walk away the prospect of completing our epic journey will very soon become a reality, so perhaps a good time to remind ourselves of a few Camino stats:

– We are amongst the 250, 000 or so pilgrims who reach Santiago each year.
– Just 2% are from the UK.
– 65% are doing the Frances route (Our route)
– Covering a distance of almost 500 miles.
– 26% start in Sarria
– 12% start in St Jean de PdPort. (Heroes!)
– We estimate to have taken around 1 million steps each…perhaps more for those of us who occasionally miss the yellow arrows and take an ‘ alternative’ route.
– … And finally, Richard observed that none of us will be completing the journey in the boots we started in at St Jean Pied de Port back in 2013.

Our evening in the tiny village of Ribadiso included a very convivial meal with our pilgrim friends Julia and Angela, recently recovered from acute chilli powder poisoning and also Suzanne from the US an anti US gun law evangelist, red wine lover blogger and all round good time girl.