After our 2 day journey involving Trains , Planes , Buses and taxis , we  reached Lubian , the town we left back in 2019.

An early breakfast of Tostada and cafe con leche  and we were on our way once again,

 – It feels so good to be back on the Camino after our three year absence.

Our first days trekking began with a  5km or so climb up a winding tarmac road, then onto more traditional paths through woodland glades often crossed with streams of crystal clear water. Well away from civilization now, the familiar calls of cuckoo and woodpecker were all that broke the woodland  silence. 

Entering into the region of Galicia  , home of our destination town Santiago,   we noticed a significant improvement in both way side route markings and well maintained paths .

With no real opportunities to stop for lunch, we walked for 6 hours… more or less none stop – sustained only by sips of water,  half a biscuit snatched from breakfast and an old packet of of fluffy Polos Richard found in his rucksack pocket .

Finally reaching A Gudina, the five of us were  re united once again. Our first Albergue, a new municipal building was probably one of the best we had ever stayed in – hot showers and our own separate bunk-bedded room with  fabulous views across the heathland.

After a delicious  pilgrims supper and a bottle or three of Estrella (Gluten free for Tony) we went back for an early night. All tucked up in bed before 9pm we soon fell into our Camino bedtime routine followed by rhythmic snores and gentle snuffling .